Important Information

All prices include necessary materials to install the flooring. These prices do not include things such as possible floor preperation, any necessary trim or possible extra materials needed to satisfactorily complete the installation, or removal of existing flooring.
Every floor product and sub-floor is different. After we come to your house to give you a free quote, we will be able to ascertain what, if any, extra materials or labor will be necessary and will explain to you what is necessary to successfully complete your installation.
Even though prices are broken down by the square yard or foot, there is a minimum cost for any installation. They are as follow:
Carpet, pad, and installation is a minimum of $600.00.
Any hard surface product and installation is a minimum of $850.00.
All installations come with a non transferable lifetime service warranty, meaning we will guarantee our installation for as long as you live in your home. This voids if you sell or rent out your home.
Our warranty covers any defects in workmanship, it does not cover damage done by pets, cracked slabs, water damage, etc.
We will provide you with all of the manufacturers warranty information as well as care and maintenance instructions. All of our flooring products have great warranties but must be properly cared for per the manufacturers specifications or they will void any warranty.
Never use after market products like Mop & Glo, etc., without checking with the manufacturers allowed products as many products will invalidate the warranties as well as permanantly damage your investment.
All of our floors are scratch resistant but there is no such thing as a "scratch proof" floor. Anyone that tells you otherwise is mistaken.