A Little Bit About Us

A Company Like No Other

Welcome to The Best Little Floorhouse In Texas, locally owned and operated and serving Central Texas families and businesses since 1979.
We live in the community, our children go to school in the community, and we proudly support our military families as well as our fire and police departments. Your hard earned dollars stay in your community, not sent to a faceless, out of state corporation
John Herndon opened “The Best Little Floorhouse In Texas” and started serving Central Texas in 1979. Mike Downie came to work for John in 2004, after 12 years in the flooring business in Tulsa, OK.

In 2014, John decided he wanted to devote his time to wearing funny looking clothes and hitting a little white ball with funny looking sticks into a very small hole in the ground, so he sold the business to Mike and Jamie Downie.
We offer personalized service for your flooring needs from a staff and installation team with over 100 years combined experience in the flooring business, unlike the box stores that often make you wait for someone who ends up working in another department and cannot adequately answer your important questions.

Kathy Kauffman and Cory Stricklin lead our sales department and are always available to answer your flooring and design questions.
So come on down and visit us at The Best Little Floorhouse In Texas and keep and eye out for Rootie, our fashion hog (she loves peanuts) as well as our two daughters, Erin and Cordelia, who are great at redecorating, as you can tell.