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We had our floors removed and tile put throughout the house. Great job grout lines are straight and continuous. Mike is the new owner and is really trying to get the business rolling. He is doing a good job, with the contractor Ken and his tile crew, they done a wonderful job.

Rodney S.

Andy Z.

We had the entire downstairs flooring redone, about 1400 sqft in wood, laminate and tile. BLFT helped us through the selection process to get the right materials and they measured twice and cut once. While the job took a little longer than originally expected, and the dust from 25 year old carpeting was more than we expected, the result was well worth it. They worked around and with other contractors we had on site doing other jobs so the end result was what we wanted. The price was very competitive and some of the other contractors who were on site were asked first about flooring installation and they couldn't compete. We had custom tile and stair work done and it came out, outstanding. While Mike at BLFT wants to have some touch up work done, we are very satisfied with the price, communication, the work and workers who were on site and how they integrated the last minute changes we asked for. We'd recommend them to a friend. We expect this floor to last a very long time.

Andy Z.